BUZZI Fashion Retail Consulting is an Oslo based consulting company, advising retailers, brands and commercial real estate developers on the planning, management and optimization of their retail and development strategies. 

We work with small companies as well as larger businesses, and tailor specific requests on a case by case basis. We are passionate about creation through collaboration. Whether it’s for business or ideas, please get in touch.



Through extensive experience in the Norwegian retail industry, we offer advice and strategies through all stages of project development, for multi-brand stores, mono-brand stores, department stores and niche boutiques. Traditional retail and consumer habits are quickly changing, -and we are passionate in all the opportunities an omni-channel approach gives retail! Our services span from concept development, brand-mix and product assortment, positioning, brand-outreach, buying strategy, budget planning, retail buying, brand negotiation, private label development, branding and marketing.



With in-depth retail knowledge, we provide commercial real estate developers with strategic advice on vendor-mix, positioning, strategic partnerships and marketing initiatives to drive footfall and interest to a shopping destination.


Through our extensive network we source the best creative partnerships, so all your needs are covered. From market research, designers, interior architects, PR, digital marketing, marketing talent, copywriters, photographers, consumer data, staff training, merchandisers, event-planning, -we source the resources needed to make your vision become your concept.



For emerging retail brands, or brands new to the Norwegian market, we lend expertise and a practical approach to positioning, location sourcing, strategic partnerships, marketing and communication initiatives, and assist with staffing, events, ambassadors and practical solutions for a successful launch in our specific market. Given our long experience with top luxury retail brands, we understand the importance of high quality in every step of the way.



We have the experience to help you develop your retail concept from an idea to an end result that engages your customers and drive results. We can also support you in creative direction of your brand identity, marketing campaigns, social media strategies and brand building, -and if needed connect you to the right set of creatives or digital agencies to provide further expertise.

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We create effective partnerships by tailoring specific requests on a case by case basis. We work with small companies as well as larger businesses. We are passionate about creation through collaboration. Whether is for business or connect about ideas, -please get in touch.